Enhanced Message Concatenation (EMC) Scheme for QoS Provision in Multi-hop Combat Net Radio


In this paper, we propose an Enhanced Message Concatenation (EMC) scheme for Quality of Service (QoS) provision in multi-hop Combat Net Radio (CNR). The key focus of this paper is the performance enhancement of the MIL-STD-188-220-based Deterministic Adaptable Priority and Network Access Delay (DAP-NAD) mechanism for QoS provision to low priority messages. To illustrate: in a battlefield, as long as a station has urgent messages to transmit, a low priority message cannot be transmitted, because a traditional DAP-NAD mechanism is specialized on urgent message transmission. However, low priority messages like Situational Awareness (SA) messages are also very important for a mission's completion. Therefore, all messages must be given equal priority. Nevertheless, a traditional DAP-NAD mechanism cannot guarantee QoS to low priority messages. So, we propose to enhance the DAP-NAD mechanism for message concatenation by using T-bits of data link. The proposed scheme is thoroughly examined by simulation method, and the results show that the proposed scheme significantly reduces the packet delay time and improves the performance of the MIL-STD-188-220-based traditional DAP-NAD mechanism.


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