Development of reinforced Ag alloy sheathed Bi2223 tapes


We developed the Ag-Mg-Sb alloy which had a tensile strength of about 500 MPa and elongation of 5.5%. The tensile strength of 150 MPa was obtained at room temperature in the Bi-2223 tape using this Ag-Mg alloy for the outer sheath. The J/sub c/ value of the Ag-Mg alloy sheathed Bi-2223 tape has come to be above 10/sup 4/ A/cm/sup 2/ at 77 K in self field. And the J/sub c/ value was kept until a tensile stress of 120 MPa was applied. The critical bending strain of the tape was the same as that of the pure Ag sheathed tape. These results indicated that this tape was tolerant of the mechanical stress in the manufacturing process and hoop stress during the magnet operation.


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