Excretory function of intact kidney after contralateral denervation on unanaesthetized dogs.


The experiments were carried out on unanaesthetized dogs with exteriorized ureters. The left kidney was denervated. The function of the left and right kidneys was compared prior to and after furosemide administration, 0.2 mg/kg b. w. The function of the right intact kidney prior to and after left kidney denervation was also compared. The concentrations of sodium, potassium, chloride, calcium, magnesium, zinc, copper, urea, and creatinine in plasma and urine were determined. Denervation of the left kidney was followed by an increase of diuresis, calcium, and copper excretion from the denervated kidney. After furosemide administration the chloride excretion from the side of denervation was also observed to increase. The changes in the excretory function of the left kidney after denervation were not accompanied by changes in excretory function of right (intact) kidney. The excretory function of the intact kidney after denervation of contralateral kidney and furosemide administration did not differ from that prior to denervation and furosemide administration. In unanaesthetized dogs no changes in the excretory function of intact kidney were observed as a result of contralateral kidney denervation.


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